A U-turn

When we started June, those of us who agreed to publish in July, we connected out to some self-advocates. We got a lot of resounding agreement that this was necessary. Certainly many self-advocates have their own platforms, and there are ways other than a blog to get the information across. However, after our questions, some […]

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Jacob Lewis, One Advocate Voice

For each voluntary self-advocate, we provided several questions to help have them focus their answers about their education and experiences. Jacob Lewis is a self-advocate I’ve had the pleasure of reading a variety of his work. I was excited that he agreed to join us for July. -Renay H. Marquez A little about yourself (State […]

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July 22, 2019


A Seat At the Table

When it was proposed that Inclusion From Square One have another publishing date, three months out, it wasn’t clear if all the consequences of returning to publish had been thought through. Tim and Renay were preparing for the end of the year activities in their respective districts while Amanda and Nicole were on the road […]

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July 1, 2019