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Professional resources

For Schools

  • Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education

Paraeducator resources: 

About Specific Disabilities


Autism Resources by Kit Mead

If Not ABA, Then What?

Telling My Child About Autism

Unmasking Anxiety in Autism

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Guidance


National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion

Blog Some Moore

Learn Some Moore

30 Days of Autism

Removing the Stumbling Block

Eliminating the Box

Friendship Circle

Beyond the Crayon

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

Support for Special Needs

Why Haven’t They Done That Yet? 


Kids Included Together


The Inclusive Class 

Think Inclusive 

Adapted Materials:


The Inclusive Class Live Binder:


NYC Public Schools 

Baltimore City Public Schools

Upper Elementary and Some Secondary 

UNC Adapted Books 

NewsELA (for current events)*You will need to sign up to access articles, but it is free and some articles come with level quizzes. Choose the Lexile level appropriate for students.

How to Make Adapted books with PowerPoint