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In the summer of 2015, we all got on a larger conference call with several other folks within the social media influence of special education. The majority of us involved at the time either worked for an educational institution or had children with disabilities attending an educational institution. From that meeting grew a support group, #BetterTogether, a way of identifying both things we see that were genuine in combining folks with disabilities and non-disabled folks or referencing information from between all of us who would use the hashtag.

Tim asked Renay a few months back, “How do we start schools that aren’t already inclusive?” And the thing is, Renay wasn’t happy with the trained response of “We’ll just start and fix it as we go.” because as the story stands for education and people with disabilities, we’re much further along that that. Students with disabilities are included in a variety of ways in their communities. Schools and families can cite research with dates heading back to thirty years ago that inclusive education should be the normal, not the new uncharted territory. But a lot of schools are stuck on the ‘how’.

This is where we come in.

” How do we start schools that aren’t already inclusive? ”

Tim Villegas

Nicole, Beth, Renay, Amanda, and Tim, are all known influencers on social media when it comes to making academics accessible for people with disabilities. For years they’ve been sharing their stories.

Now it’s time to share to build more schools that can be inclusive for more students with a variety of disabilities. We want you to start right here.

For the next few weeks, look for our posts across a variety of specific issues facing schools that are already inclusive or in process of inclusion. We’re providing a thoughtful dialogue on a variety of topics for folks on all sides of the table.

April 1, 2019

  • I’m excited to continue learning from each of you! I’ve been leading the inclusion revolution in my community and in my school district, and while it can be lonely and frustrating, it’s full of beautiful changes in attitudes, acceptance, and joys when folks come together. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do!
    Patti O’Brien Chen

  • Thank you for your support, Patti! We would love to know what you are doing in your community!



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